Rainbow Highlight Ideas

Pamper your look with bright and vibrant colors. Become a real artist and mix colors to create unique hairstyle for new season. Find out how to transform image will less effort and risk. Learn secrets from hair gurus and celebrities right now.

Rainbow hair highlighting is one of the main trends of this fall. Unlike previous season trends this year temporary hair coloring products are more popular than semi-permanent hair dyes. Let’s find out their advantages.

rainbow-hair highlighting

One of the best things about temporary hair colors is that they can create totally new image without damaging hair. Such products will be washed off at once but this is also an advantage. You can get crazy hairstyle with bright colors for the party and get back your casual hairstyle the next day. Your hair will not be damaged with hair perm or bleaching product.

2014 Fall Short Haircuts

Let’s get changed together with celebrities for coming fall. Learn the secrets of seductiveness from celebrities and never lose your chance to shine like a star. The “shortest” way of looking hot is getting short haircut. 


If you just check out latest red carpet events and news in celebrities’ lives you will see that the tendency of short haircuts is still strong and every time more and more beauty bunnies chop off long hair to get stylish short haircut. The secret is incompatible impact of short hair that can be compared with any other hairstyle. Stylish look plus so many advantages of short hair forces women to get short. What about you? Aren’t you exhausted spending hours by the mirror?

Hairstyles 2014

Check out the best examples of hairstyles 2014 by popular stylists and hair gurus. Become the first to get brand new hairstyle for coming fall and inspire everyone with your new image.

This selection of 2014 hairstyles presents you some really cool examples of medium short and medium haircuts. You may ask why stylists offer medium haircut. If you have never chopped of hair you probably don’t know all the advantages of similar haircut.


What makes medium hairstyle so popular? The tendency of short haircuts is still strong and every year stylists offer bolder and shorter designs. Still not everyone is ready for dramatic changes. Here comes medium haircut with versatility of styling options. Like long hair medium length haircut can be transformed in numerous ways yet the maintenance is much lower. Do you like the idea of having super stylish hairstyle without spending hours on styling?

Chic Retro Hairstyles

Retro is hot, retro is sexy and ultra-feminine. Retro influence is very strong in every aspect be it fashion, hairstyle, makeup and even interior. The popularity of retro styles is rising, and no wonder why so many designers and labels include retro designs in their collections. And again we are talking about retro styles, mainly formal retro hairstyles for medium and long hair. The following selection includes some of the best retro hairstyles from 2014 hair trends.


There are several popular retro hairstyles from different decades since ’20s, 40′s, ’50s and ’60s. From ’20s to ’40s fashionable haircut was short or chin length blunt bob that was worn either straight or in Marcel waves. Ladies with long hair used to wear faux bob and you too can get similar retro look without cutting hair.

2014 Summer Hairstyle & Hair Color Trends

Summer gives us a chance to adopt the most alluring and sexy images and it concerns not only to outfit but also to hairstyles, colors and makeup. This summer has brought several amazing hairstyles into fashion and if you really want to have stylish look you should definitely check out this list of 2014 summer hairstyles and hair colors.


Blonde is back. Actually blonde has never been ignored. For 2014 summer stylists offer both cool and warm tones of blonde. It means you will look smashing with any of blonde tones but if you are looking for something natural you can choose golden or dirty blonde.

Summer Hairstyles 2014

Take a look at this collection of summer hairstyles 2014 and find some new ways to style your hair this summer. This selection includes all the newest summer hairstyles that were represented on fashion shows and red carpet. Take a closer look at these beauty bunnies and try to copy all of them.


Braided Hairstyles 

Braided hairstyle still remains the best option for summer. For 2014 summer hair stylists offer to go for more relaxed and natural designs. It can be braided bang combined with beach waves. Such hairstyle will be an amazing complement to bohemian style with massive accessories.

2014 Summer Accessories; Headbands

2014 summer fashion trends are full of adorable accessories and details and this collection includes statement pieces for hairstyles. One of the most optional and stylish accessories of 2014 summer is headband. There are so many beautiful headbands that are meant to decorate summer hairstyle.


One of the latest headband trends that were shown on fashion shows is golden headband that can be perfect option for a special occasion. Delicate and unique styles of such headband can be a beautiful accessory for wedding. Metallic headband will look gorgeous both on sleek and wavy hair.

2014 Curly Hairstyles; Pros & Cons

Girls with curly hair are simply adorable. For 2014 summer curly hairstyle is the best one as it completes relaxed and bohemian summer image. Natural fluffy curls are more stylish than polished and defined curls so go messy to highlight your natural beauty. Alongside with so many advantages curly has can be a real trouble especially if you do not know how to take care of natural curls. Here are selection of some beautiful curly hair for 2014 summer as well as some pros and cons of curly hair. 


The more fluffy natural curls are the more difficult it is to take care of them. More often curly hair is frizzy and dry. In order to give healthy sheen and smooth touch to curls you should always use conditioners and include special moisturizing masks in your hair care routine. Stay away from touching your hair too often and do not let others touch them; otherwise curls will get tangled and it will be a real problem to comb them.