Hair color 2014

Fall/Winter Hairstyles 2014

New season has brought line of new hairstyles and hair colors. If you are a true fashion devotee you just ought to check out this list of fall/winter hairstyles 2014 taken from the catwalk. Designers represented the best hairstyles to complete fall garments so do not miss your chance to learn about the latest changes.

Fall/winter Bob Hairstyles 2014

Bob hairstyle was chosen the most popular style for fall and winter 2014. For fashion shows designers chose blunt bob hairstyles with center parting that looked very stylish and fashionable. If you have thin hair you can get layered bob haircut that will boost the volume of thin hair and make hair look fuller.


Fall/winter Braided Hairstyles 2014

Next trend for 2014 fall and winter is braided hairstyle. Designers chose creative style of braids like wrapped braid, braided bang and braided bun hairstyles. Actually, it doesn’t matter what style of braid you wear, you will always look stylish. 

2014 Summer Hairstyle & Hair Color Trends

Summer gives us a chance to adopt the most alluring and sexy images and it concerns not only to outfit but also to hairstyles, colors and makeup. This summer has brought several amazing hairstyles into fashion and if you really want to have stylish look you should definitely check out this list of 2014 summer hairstyles and hair colors.


Blonde is back. Actually blonde has never been ignored. For 2014 summer stylists offer both cool and warm tones of blonde. It means you will look smashing with any of blonde tones but if you are looking for something natural you can choose golden or dirty blonde.

2014 Summer Rainbow Hair Colors

Everyone is waiting for summer with great impatience because it is the season of crazy images and bold looks. It is time to break the rules and it is time to brighten up your look with all the colors of the rainbow. Choose your favorite from these examples of 2014 summer rainbow hair colors. 

00020h_592x888 barbara-palvin_glamour_12may14_insta_b_592x888

Rainbow hairstyle is supposed to have two and more mixed colors and it is very bold style. Still newest hair trends include gorgeous examples of rainbow hairstyle that look less dramatic. In order to stay away from hair disasters and failed images you’d better experiment with semi-permanent coloring products or hair chalks and only then get for a perm.

Celebrity Rainbow Highlights 2014

Let’s begin new 2014 year with brand new hair color that will break the monotony and turn your hairstyle into a style statement. The following examples of celebrity rainbow highlights will inspire you to leave behind subtle tones and get brand new image.


Get ready to plunge into new reality full of bright colors because this is the era of innovative colors and styles. As the best source of inspiration I have picked celebrity nontraditional hairstyles. If you think that they are too bold and you are not ready to color hair you can begin with hair chalk or semi-permanent hair color. Well, as you see there are plenty of options to get desired look and all you need to do is to be brave enough.

Crazy Red Hair Colors 2014

Have you already got new image for new year? If you have stuck in your casual and dull image I should say that you will soon feel all the negative impact of your hairstyle. I hope you won’t like to blend in the crowd so let’s get ready to vamp up your look.

You can surely go for new haircut but the easiest way to transform your image is red hair color. 2014 color trends offer you the brightest shades of red as well as natural tones that will change your image in the best way. Let’s check out crazy red hair colors 2014 and may be you will get an inspiration for beautiful makeover.


Before talking about 2014 red hair colors let me tell you that red hair color is the most capricious one and it demands special hair care and maintenance. Still the result is worth everything. 

2014 Hair Highlights for Olive Skin

Natural hair highlights are back. 2014 hair trends include so many beautiful multi tonal hairstyles and you will surely find numerous hair highlights and color combos for inspiration. At this time too I have turned to celebrities because they wear the best looks. This gallery of 2014 hair highlights for olive skin includes all the best celebrity images.


Natural hair highlighting looks very impressive; this trick adds extra volume and definition to hair. The owners of tanned and medium tanned skin tones have brown, brunette and jet black hair color.

2014 Hair Colors; Blondes vs Brunettes

Blondes and brunettes, which one is better? This dilemma will never have solution. Time and again we turn to celebrities to find out which color is more attractive and why beauty bunnies change color from blonde to brunette or vice versa. If you have decided to change your image for coming 2014 you can get some inspiration from celebrities but before that let’s check out some celebrity makeovers.


Dakota Johnson

Fairy blonde Dakota Johnson looked very attractive with her shiny blonde hair and then she suddenly appeared on the red carpet wearing dark brown hair. The reason of her makeover is new role in upcoming great movie Fifty Shades of Grey. I can say that she looked better with blonde hair.

Hairstyles 2014

It is time to kiss goodbye to this year that was full of bright moments and unforgettable images and we can now close this page.

Looking through the pictures of 2014 hairstyles I noticed that all styles have survived past year and are included in the list of most popular new hairstyles. If you want to stay in touch with the latest fashion news here is a brief summary of hairstyles 2014.


Many 2014 hairstyles are natural and relaxed. The reason why women so often choose natural and simple hairstyles is busy schedule; women do not want to spend much time on hair styling. No matter what hair length you have hair stylists will offer more than one styling trick that will set you free from exhausting hair styling.