Everyday Hairstyles for 2014

I am so excited that we have survived winter and now we are getting ready for warm and joyful days full of delightful sun and unforgettable moments. I am sure that you have already upgraded your wardrobe with new spring pieces and accessories and it is time to think about your image. Let’s begin with spring hairstyles that will brighten up your look. As I am the lover of simple and casual hairstyles I would like show you this selection of everyday hairstyles 2014.


There are so many beautiful and easy-to-do hairstyles that don’t need special styling skills and all you need to do is to be ready for experiments. What can be more fabulous than creating picture perfect look in a few minutes? Here the hottest hairstyles for this spring.

The best everyday hairstyle still remains braided up-do. No matter you are getting ready for a first date, wedding or just going for shopping braided up-do will look fantastic. Almost all types of braids are easy to do but if you do not have any plaiting skills you can begin with French braid or fishtail braid. Messy side braid is a perfect example of everyday hairstyle.

Another everyday hairstyle is ponytail that has already become the most beloved one for girls and women of all ages. For spring you wear both messy low and high tight ponytails.

I would like to complete the list of everyday hairstyles 2014 with loose messy hairstyles that look so gorgeous. In order to create bohemian look you can go for simple trick; just braid damp hair and leave overnight. Messy waves can be completed with beautiful hair accessory like headband.

zuni_hair_2013_thumb simple_everyday_hairstyles_for_20133_thumb


simple_everyday_hairstyles_for_20133_thumb christopher_appleton_thumb

simple_everyday_hairstyles_for_2013_4_thumb simple_everyday_hairstyles_for_2013_5_thumb



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