Best Short Haircuts 2014

2014 hair trends include so many gorgeous haircuts for season. It is even hard to choose the best one but we will leave long and medium length haircuts and consider only best short haircuts 2014 that will make you rock this spring.


There are zillion examples of short haircuts and it was really tough job to find the best one so I turned to celebrities once again and I got a dose of inspiration to share with you. Let’s find out what I have picked.

Jennifer Lawrence

Sexy hunter from “Hunger Games” Jennifer Lawrence surprised us with her brand new pixie haircut. She has chopped her beautiful long hair and got elegant bob haircut but she didn’t stop surprising us with her beautiful makeovers.


Natalie Portman

Talented actress and beauty bunny Natalie Portman was the reason of thousands of heartbreaks because of her new super short razored pixie. I should say that she look equally stunning with any haircut.



Is it worth to say that Rihanna is the most popular celebrity? Is it worth to say that Rihanaa loves dramatic changes more than anyone else? Every single word is proved with her infinite makeovers from short to long and vice versa.


Victoria Beckham 

She is trendsetter in fashion and hairstyle and she is the one that can inspire you for radical changes. She is popular with her stylish medium bob and short bob haircuts and I cannot say which suits her most.


Anne Hathaway

We have already got used to Anne’s new short haircut and we have almost forgotten her beautiful long hair. She managed to become an icon with her short haircut.


Charlize Theron


Emma Watson


Halle Berry


Jessica Chastain


Miley Cyrus





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