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Trendy Long Hairstyles with Bangs

Long hair is the first condition for sexual and trendy look, but simple blunt cut hairstyle can soon bore you. If you want to transform your look without going shorter, add a bang to your long hairstyle. Bang is a great option to accentuate best features and at the same time hide little faults. If you are ready for changes, check out trendy long hairstyles with bangs and choose the best bang style for your face shape.

Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2014Long Hairstyles with Bang

You know that long tresses need much time and attention to take care of. If you are not ready to pay attention to your tresses, you’d better go shorter. If you are ready to spend much time styling and taking care of your hair, you should remember some hair care tips that will provide you with strong and shiny hair. First of all use high quality hair care products and tools. Deep conditioning will nourish your hair and make it smooth. Regular trimming will prevent your tresses from split ends.

Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2014Long Hairstyles with Bangs

The versatility of bang styles will give you a chance to choose the most suitable one for your face shape that will beautifully frame your face and accentuate your facial features. Blunt cut bang is the trendiest style of coming season, so if you want to create sexy and glamorous look complete your super long hairstyle with blunt cut bang. Style your bang super straight with a flat iron for more stylish and hot look.

Midi Hairstyles with Bangs 2014

If you are tired of your casual hairstyle, chop off your lifeless locks and create trendy midi hairstyle that will give you numerous styling options to experiment with. The versatility of medium hairstyles will help you to choose the most suitable style for your face shape and hair texture, so that you will be able to deal with your hairstyle without any difficulties.

Medium Layered Hairstyle with bangsmedium haircut with bangs

Medium hairstyles are more often completed with a bang. The style of a bang will mainly depend on your face shape and your hairstyle. So if you have decided to wear midi layered hairstyle, choose wispy bang to complete your chic hairstyle. Such bang will beautifully frame your face and accentuate your eyes.

midi layered hairstyle with bangsWispy bangs

Another bang style that can be combined with layered medium hairstyle is side bang. If you have thin hair, soft graduated layers will boost up the volume of your tresses and create an illusion of voluminous hairstyle. Side bang will be gorgeous complement to such hairstyle. Furthermore, if you have round face shape, layered hairstyle with side bang will hide the width of your cheeks and make your face look oval.

Men’s Haircuts for 2014

Every man wants to be perfectly groomed and have trendy look, and if you want to have perfect hairstyle suitable for your lifestyle and outfit, check out smashing examples of men’s haircuts for 2014.

The buzzword of coming season is versatile look, so choose the one that will give you an opportunity to experiment with different images from perfectly polished to more tousled styles.

Men HaircutsMen Haircuts 2011

Men Haircuts 02Men Haircuts03

Besides of being versatile, new season hairstyles are easy to do, so that you will be able to create neat look without having special styling skills. All you will have to do is to style your hair with your fingers.

Natural Curly Hairstyles 2014

Do not waste your time straightening your curly tresses; instead check  out fabulous natural curly hairstyles 2014 that will help you to play up your femininity and create show-stopping look.

No matter what hairstyle you wear, loose wavy or tousled curly hairstyle, you will have stunning look.

Curly Hairstyles

The buzzword of coming season is natural look without any sophisticated twists or defined curls. If you want to create natural hairstyle, just wash you hair with conditioner, towel dry and apply hair mousse for extra voluminous hairstyle. In order to prevent your hair from dry and frizzy effect, apply hair serum and leave your hair dry naturally.

2014 curly hairstylescurly hairstyles for 2014

If you are looking for more glamorous and elegant look, opt for retro wavy hairstyle or wavy up-do. You can create this style even if you have short bob hairstyle. The most important thing about retro hairstyle is soft waves. Style your hair with large barreled curling iron or large rollers. When you finish the styling process fix your hairstyle with hair spray.

Justin Bieber Cool Hairstyles

Justin BieberJustin bieber new hair

justin bieber hairjustin bieber hair 01

Simple Up-do Hairstyles

Loose hairstyle of course looks smashing and stylish, but there may be some cases that loose hairstyle will not be suitable, especially you will feel uncomfortable wearing loose hairstyle in hot weather. In such cases perfect style will be simple up-do that will transform your look in the best way. Simple up-do hairstyles are easy to do and do not need special skills to style. You will be able to create elegant style in less than five minutes. All you have to do is to look through the examples of most popular simple up-do hairstyles and experiment with your image.

casual ponytail hairstylecasual hairstyle

The most important thing about simple up-do is natural  look without any sophisticated twists. Do not try to create perfectly polished look, loose flyaway strands will add relaxed and natural look to your hairstyle.

There are myriad of up-do styles for any taste and occasion, but the most popular is classy ponytail hairstyle. You can easily create simple and elegant ponytail without any effort. Just tie your tresses in a tail and secure it with rubber band. You can also create loose messy tail for more casual look or wear high sleek ponytail style for formal event.

updo casualupdo

Another gorgeous hairstyle that is easy to do is messy up-do hairstyle. Messy bun, messy braided and twisted hairstyles are perfect for party season. Your hairstyle will be more natural if you have wavy or curly hair. All you have to do is to wash your hair, apply hair mousse for voluminous and glossy hairstyle, tie your tresses in loose tail, twist the edges in a bun and secure it with bobby pins.

Celebrity Formal Hairstyles from 2013 Met Gala

2nd annual Met Gala was devoted to famous designer Alexander McQueen. Celebrities rocked the red carpet with Alexander McQueen’s evening gowns, luscious evening makeup and chic formal hairstyles. Met Gala always was parade of fashion and style and this year too the red carpet event was full of ultra hot and trendy styles.

Celebrity HairstylesCelebrity Hairstyles 01

Celebrity Hairstyles 02Celebrity Hairstyles 2014

This is the year of chic up-dos and celebrities proved this statement once again. Take a look at celebrity formal hairstyles and play up your femininity by wearing one of these chic hairstyles.

If you like to experiment with your image, you will surely like to wear elegant ballerina bun, twisted or braided up-do. Classy bun style is perfect for those who are still rookie in the art of hair styling. You can easily transform your casual look into chic and luscious one. Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Green and Taylor Swift will inspire you to create elegant and formal up-do.

Celebrity Hairstyles 03Celebrity Hairstyles 04

Celebrity Hairstyles 05Celebrity Hairstyles  06

Natural looking and romantic hairstyle will always look trendy and elegant. You can go for more casual and simple up-do hairstyles like French braid or classy ponytail. Get an inspiration from Rihanna’s side French braid or wear high sleek ponytail like Leighton Meester did. These styles are ultra trendy and stylish. Use your creativity and combine classy ponytail style with braided and twisted strands for more eye catching look.

Gorgeous Hair Highlights Ideas for 2014

Are you tired of your dull and casual look? It is time to break out of your boring shell by adding gorgeous highlights to your hairstyle. Wide palette of vibrant hues as well as myriad of highlight styles will help you to choose the best style for your complexion and personality.

Red Medium HairstylesRed Hair Color

Cute Hair Highlights Ideas 01Cute Hair Highlights Ideas

Highlighting is a great option for those who have thin hair. Choose the color of highlights two tones lighter or darker than the base tone and spread the tinted strands all over your tresses. This style will add definition and extra volume to your hairstyle.