Short Hairstyles

2014 Crazy Hairstyles

What do you think about new hairstyles from 2014 hair trends? The versatility of styles and cuts are simply breathtaking and I am sure that you have seen those crazy and futuristic hairstyles. Those nontraditional designs are very popular because today more and more girls and women wish to look different. This selection includes 7 most popular crazy hairstyles 2014 so get ready for changes.


Crazy and nontraditional hairstyle should be out of rules so think beyond the boundaries and do not be afraid of getting something different. Bold hairstyle can be created on any hair length so there is no need to get shorter or grow out hair.

2014 Fall Men Hairstyles

Stylists have already represented 2014 fall hair trends for both men and women and we can now find out what is going to be stylish and fashionable for new season. Just like hairstyles for women 2014 male haircuts are versatile and stylish. Here is collection of the best male hairstyles for 2014 fall.


Spiky hair is still trendy. Faux hawk with spiked up bang looks stylish and funky. This hairstyle is may be the most frequently seen design on the red carpet and you will have infinite inspirational images to recreate.

Hairstyles 2014 for Types of Earrings

Do you like jewelry and unique accessories but you still don’t know how to combine them with hairstyle?

Hairstyles 2014 are so glamorous and elegant but they are incomplete without beautiful accessories like necklaces and earrings. You may never have thought that hairstyle determines the style of earrings and you should know several rules. This selection of hairstyles for different types of earrings will arm you up with several ideas.


Besides of hairstyle you should also take into consideration your face shape. Actually this factor is the most important one not only when choosing earrings but also haircut and hairstyle. There is strict rule about face shape and earrings like if you have round face you should avoid circular earrings or ladies with long face should stay away from chain drops.

Best Short Haircuts 2014

2014 hair trends include so many gorgeous haircuts for season. It is even hard to choose the best one but we will leave long and medium length haircuts and consider only best short haircuts 2014 that will make you rock this spring.


There are zillion examples of short haircuts and it was really tough job to find the best one so I turned to celebrities once again and I got a dose of inspiration to share with you. Let’s find out what I have picked.

Funky Hairstyles from Chanel 2014 Spring/Summer Campaign

We have so many times talked about celebrity hairstyles and designs from fashion shows but we have never considered hairstyles from designer campaigns. There are so many inspirational images and beautiful hairstyles that are worth to be copied so I will try to correct my mistake and I will begin with Chanel 2014 spring/summer campaign that has made great boom in fashion industry as soon as it was launched.


Featuring two most popular and demanded models Sasha Luss and Lindsey Wixson Chanel new campaign managed to attract the attention of all fashion devotees so let’s take a closer look at photoshoot.

2014 Short Haircuts; Miley Cyrus Style Inspiration

Miley Cyrus has become the most epаtage celebrity in past year and she is definitely the most discussed person. She has shocked us not only with her new videos but also with new image. I cannot say why she decided to kiss goodbye to her lovely long locks and the image of lovely teen girl but she definitly succeeded in making a boom.


As we are discussing hairstyles let’s find out which are the hottest short hairstyles 2014 represented by Miley Cyrus. Her new image was so shocking that everyone was talking about dramatic makeover for a long time. Now it is not news and we can look through the pictures of Miley Cyrus short haircuts and may be you will find something inspirational for you.

Layered Hairstyles 2014

Are you ready for new season? All beauty bunnies have already updated wardrobe with new designs, accessories and shoes. It is high time to update image and you will be ready to conquer everyone’s heart.

There are so many ways to upgrade hairstyle and everything depends on your preferences. If you are ready for total changes you will have infinite options from super short to medium length and asymmetric hairstyles. Still not everyone wants to chop off hair especially when it comes to long hairstyles. So what is the best trick to update hairstyle and at the same time keep hair length? Well girls, I am sure that you have heard about layering and, yes, this is the best option that has become hairdressers’ secret weapon.


2014 hair trends include so many beautiful layered hairstyles that you will simply get lost in this variety. You can add layers to any hair length from short to medium and long. Every style of layering has unique features. Let’s find out some of them.

Hair Highlights for 2014 Summer

Spice up hot summer days by adding few highlights to your hairstyle. One tone hair color is no longer trendy; instead multi tone hair color will make you look hot and sexy. The buzzword of coming season is versatile and contrast look so do not shy away from wearing bold hairstyle.

Summer Hair Highlights Ideas

hot hairstyle

 If you are not ready for total makeover, you can make things slow and begin your transformation by adding few subtle highlights to your hairstyle. Highlight color should be close to the base tone. Such simple trick will add extra volume and movement to your hairstyle. Brunettes can go for golden blonde and honey blonde highlights. Ladies with blonde hair can add light brown highlights.

Hair Highlights Ideas

Long Hair Highlights Ideas

katie holmes medium brunette

golden blonde

The best way to break out of your boring shell is to add vibrant highlights to your hairstyle. Wide palette of vivid hues will give you an opportunity to experiment different bold images. The main idea of bold image is deep contrast between highlight color and the base tone. Vibrant hues like fiery red, pink, purple, orange and blue will create eye popping and bold image.