Hairstyles with bangs

2014 Crazy Hairstyles

What do you think about new hairstyles from 2014 hair trends? The versatility of styles and cuts are simply breathtaking and I am sure that you have seen those crazy and futuristic hairstyles. Those nontraditional designs are very popular because today more and more girls and women wish to look different. This selection includes 7 most popular crazy hairstyles 2014 so get ready for changes.


Crazy and nontraditional hairstyle should be out of rules so think beyond the boundaries and do not be afraid of getting something different. Bold hairstyle can be created on any hair length so there is no need to get shorter or grow out hair.

Layered Hairstyles 2014

Are you ready for new season? All beauty bunnies have already updated wardrobe with new designs, accessories and shoes. It is high time to update image and you will be ready to conquer everyone’s heart.

There are so many ways to upgrade hairstyle and everything depends on your preferences. If you are ready for total changes you will have infinite options from super short to medium length and asymmetric hairstyles. Still not everyone wants to chop off hair especially when it comes to long hairstyles. So what is the best trick to update hairstyle and at the same time keep hair length? Well girls, I am sure that you have heard about layering and, yes, this is the best option that has become hairdressers’ secret weapon.


2014 hair trends include so many beautiful layered hairstyles that you will simply get lost in this variety. You can add layers to any hair length from short to medium and long. Every style of layering has unique features. Let’s find out some of them.

2014 Bob Hairstyles Trends

2014 hair trends are so amazing full of bold and creative cuts and bright colors. If you have stuck to your casual and already boring hairstyle it is high time to spice up your look with brand new design. I offer you to check out this list of 2014 bob haircuts that include all the best designs for true fashionistas.


Classy bob haircut has been popular since 20s. Though retro bob has undergone dramatic changes it is still popular. Actually bob hairstyle places the highest rates and I am totally sure that this year too it is going to be one of the most frequently chosen haircuts. 

Trendy Long Hairstyles with Bangs

Long hair is the first condition for sexual and trendy look, but simple blunt cut hairstyle can soon bore you. If you want to transform your look without going shorter, add a bang to your long hairstyle. Bang is a great option to accentuate best features and at the same time hide little faults. If you are ready for changes, check out trendy long hairstyles with bangs and choose the best bang style for your face shape.

Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2014Long Hairstyles with Bang

You know that long tresses need much time and attention to take care of. If you are not ready to pay attention to your tresses, you’d better go shorter. If you are ready to spend much time styling and taking care of your hair, you should remember some hair care tips that will provide you with strong and shiny hair. First of all use high quality hair care products and tools. Deep conditioning will nourish your hair and make it smooth. Regular trimming will prevent your tresses from split ends.

Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2014Long Hairstyles with Bangs

The versatility of bang styles will give you a chance to choose the most suitable one for your face shape that will beautifully frame your face and accentuate your facial features. Blunt cut bang is the trendiest style of coming season, so if you want to create sexy and glamorous look complete your super long hairstyle with blunt cut bang. Style your bang super straight with a flat iron for more stylish and hot look.

Midi Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

The secret of perfectly polished and neat look is the right chosen hairstyle for your hair type. If you have thin hair you should choose haircut that will boost up the volume of your tresses and create and illusion of heavy hair. It is rather difficult to add volume to long tresses, so get ready for drastic  changes and go shorter wearing trendy medium hairstyle.

Medium hairstyle will give you numerous styling options so that you can experiment with your image and create smashing style on any occasion.

perfect bob hairstyle for square facewavy-bob-hairstyle

Medium Hairstyles Ideas for Fine Hair 01Medium Hairstyles Ideas for Fine Hair

The best way to boost up the volume of your tresses is to add layers to your midi haircut. Soft graduated layers will add extra volume and movement to your classy bob hairstyle. You can style your layered bob super straight for more glamorous and sexy look or create romantic wavy hairstyle for special occasion.

Layered bob haircut will be suitable for almost all face shapes. If you have round face shape you’d better stay away from shorter layers on the front part and wear chin length layers that will hide the width of your cheeks.

Medium Layered Bob Hair Style 01Medium Layered Bob Hair Style 2014

Medium Layered Bob Hair Style 02Medium Layered Bob Hair Style 2014

Soft layers of course look stylish and elegant, however if you long for an eye catching and bold look, go for asymmetric choppy layered hairstyle. Choppy layers will not only boost up the volume of your tresses but also add definition and ultra hot twist to your hairstyle. Complete your bold hairstyle with blunt cut bang or asymmetric choppy bang that will frame your face and accentuate your eyes. Styling gel or texturizing paste will help you to define choppy layers and create long lasting hairstyle.

Cute Medium Hairtcuts with Bangs

Medium length hairstyle is may be the most popular one for ladies who like to experiment with their hairstyle. This style is in-between solution for those who are not ready to wear short hairstyle and at the same time do not have much time to style long tresses.  Medium haircut will turn the styling process into a real fun.

If you  want to create feminine and cute image, add soft layered to your medium haircut. This simple trick will will add definition and volume to your hair; furthermore, you will be able to change your casual image into more glamorous one by styling the layers flipped back or tousled.

medium hair with cute bangsmidi hairstyles with bangs 2014

Medium hairstyle will look incomplete without a bang. When choosing bang style you should take into consideration your face shape in order to choose the style that will accentuate your features and at the same time hide your little faults. Bang is a perfect style to create proportionate face shape. Thus, if you have large forehead, eyebrow sweeping messy bang will hide your forehead. While those who have narrow forehead, should choose baby bang or side bang.

midi hairstyles with bangsmedium hair blunt bangs

Blunt cut bang is may be the most popular style for ladies who want to create seductive and hot look. Blunt bang will be suitable for both layered and blunt cut medium hairstyles. Wear your blunt bang super straight for trendy look, while the rest of your hair can be styled wavy or tousled.

2014 Short Hairstyles Tendencies

Hairstyle tendencies change every year, and each time hair gurus represent you trendy and gorgeous hairstyles for any taste and personality. Celebrities and beauty icons proved short hairstyle to be the most popular style of last season; furthermore short hairstyles will be trendy and hot in 2014. Take a look at smashing pixie and short bob hairstyles that will transform your look to an eye catching and bold one.

Short Hairstyles Ideassuper short hairstyles

super short hairstyles 2014short curly hairstyles

If you want to highlight your bold personality, wear super short crop cut hairstyle. You may first think that such style is rather boyish; however this is the style that will accentuate your femininity and best features. Super short hairstyle will be suitable for oval face shape, so if you have round or square face shape you’d better stay away from short crop cut hairstyle.