Hair Highlights 2014

Rainbow Highlight Ideas

Pamper your look with bright and vibrant colors. Become a real artist and mix colors to create unique hairstyle for new season. Find out how to transform image will less effort and risk. Learn secrets from hair gurus and celebrities right now.

Rainbow hair highlighting is one of the main trends of this fall. Unlike previous season trends this year temporary hair coloring products are more popular than semi-permanent hair dyes. Let’s find out their advantages.

rainbow-hair highlighting

One of the best things about temporary hair colors is that they can create totally new image without damaging hair. Such products will be washed off at once but this is also an advantage. You can get crazy hairstyle with bright colors for the party and get back your casual hairstyle the next day. Your hair will not be damaged with hair perm or bleaching product.

2014 Summer Rainbow Hair Colors

Everyone is waiting for summer with great impatience because it is the season of crazy images and bold looks. It is time to break the rules and it is time to brighten up your look with all the colors of the rainbow. Choose your favorite from these examples of 2014 summer rainbow hair colors. 

00020h_592x888 barbara-palvin_glamour_12may14_insta_b_592x888

Rainbow hairstyle is supposed to have two and more mixed colors and it is very bold style. Still newest hair trends include gorgeous examples of rainbow hairstyle that look less dramatic. In order to stay away from hair disasters and failed images you’d better experiment with semi-permanent coloring products or hair chalks and only then get for a perm.

Celebrity Rainbow Highlights 2014

Let’s begin new 2014 year with brand new hair color that will break the monotony and turn your hairstyle into a style statement. The following examples of celebrity rainbow highlights will inspire you to leave behind subtle tones and get brand new image.


Get ready to plunge into new reality full of bright colors because this is the era of innovative colors and styles. As the best source of inspiration I have picked celebrity nontraditional hairstyles. If you think that they are too bold and you are not ready to color hair you can begin with hair chalk or semi-permanent hair color. Well, as you see there are plenty of options to get desired look and all you need to do is to be brave enough.

2014 Hair Highlights for Olive Skin

Natural hair highlights are back. 2014 hair trends include so many beautiful multi tonal hairstyles and you will surely find numerous hair highlights and color combos for inspiration. At this time too I have turned to celebrities because they wear the best looks. This gallery of 2014 hair highlights for olive skin includes all the best celebrity images.


Natural hair highlighting looks very impressive; this trick adds extra volume and definition to hair. The owners of tanned and medium tanned skin tones have brown, brunette and jet black hair color.

Fresh Hair Highlights Ideas

Glam up your trendy hairstyle with fresh and funky highlights that will brighten up your look and create show-stopping image. The buzzword of coming season is versatile and bold image, so get ready for new year by wearing super hot hairstyle and hair color.

Bold Hair Highlights 05Bold Hair Color Ideas

Bold Hair Highlights 02Bold Hair Highlights 03

Do not stick to block coloring and add vibrant hues to the base tone that will define your hairstyle and accentuate your bold personality. Wide palette of vibrant hues and myriad of highlight styles will give you an opportunity to experiment with your image.

If you are not ready for drastic changes, you can make things slow and begin your transformation by adding subtle hues to your hairstyle. Choose highlight color close to the base tone and spread the tinted strands all over your head.

Bold Hair HighlightsHair highlights  02

Hair highlightsHair highlights 1

If you are a true fashionista, vamp up your look by wearing multi tone hair color. Rainbow highlight has become the most favorite style for girls who like to experiment different alternative images. The combination of vibrant hues like pink, purple, red, orange, blue and green will create deep contrast and make you stand out in a crowd with your ultra hot and edgy look. The most important thing about rainbow highlighting is to choose the colors that will be suitable for your complexion.

Cool Hair Color Ideas for 2014

If you think that your hair looks dull and lifeless, you can spice up your look by adding cool hair color to your hairstyle. Wide palette of cool hair colors will make your choice much easier so that you can find the most suitable one for your complexion.

Fabulous Hair Color IdeasFabulous Hair Color Ideas blonde shades

The most important thing about hair color is that it should be in harmony with your complexion as well as personality so that you will feel comfortable and self confident. If you are not ready for drastic changes, you can begin your transformation by adding few tinted strands to your hairstyle. The color and style of highlights will depend on the image you want to create, so if you want to have classy and elegant look, choose subtle color that will be lighter or darker than the base tone. Spread the tinted strands all over your head to create more natural and voluminous hairstyle.

Hair Color IdeasFabulous Hair Color Ideas 01

If you want to break out of your boring shell, add vibrant highlights to your hairstyle that will be in deep contrast with the base tone. Cool shades like pink, purple, orange, red and blue will add bold and glamorous twist to your image. It will be better if you turn to pro colorist you will grant you with brand new look without damaging your hair.

Chic Braided Hairstyles

If you are looking for an up-do that will transform your casual image and keep all eyes on you, check out chic braided hairstyle ideas. Latest red carpet events and fashion shows proved braided hairstyle to be the trendiest and hottest up-do hairstyle. The versatility of styles will give you an opportunity to choose the best one that will complete your image. If you are still rookie in the art of plaiting, you can begin your transformation by creating simple French braid. Once you learn basic principles of braiding techniques, you will soon be able to create more complicated braids like milkmaid, fishtail braid and herringbone braid.

Black woman braided hairstylesBraided Hair Styles

Braided hair 2014long side braid hairstyle

Ladies with long tresses can experiment with myriad of braided hairstyles like braided ponytail, braided bun and different sophisticated up-dos with braided strands. You can also create braided up-do that will be suitable for both casual and formal outfit. All you have to do is to tie your hair in a ponytail, braid the edges and fix them with a band or ribbon. You can also create messy side braid that is oh so popular among celebrities.

pixie hairsMary Kate Braided hair

You can also create braided hairstyle even if you have short or midi hair. Braided bang hairstyle will create feminine and cute image. Create braided bang style and complete your image with pretty hair accessory. 

Hair Highlights for 2014 Summer

Spice up hot summer days by adding few highlights to your hairstyle. One tone hair color is no longer trendy; instead multi tone hair color will make you look hot and sexy. The buzzword of coming season is versatile and contrast look so do not shy away from wearing bold hairstyle.

Summer Hair Highlights Ideas

hot hairstyle

 If you are not ready for total makeover, you can make things slow and begin your transformation by adding few subtle highlights to your hairstyle. Highlight color should be close to the base tone. Such simple trick will add extra volume and movement to your hairstyle. Brunettes can go for golden blonde and honey blonde highlights. Ladies with blonde hair can add light brown highlights.

Hair Highlights Ideas

Long Hair Highlights Ideas

katie holmes medium brunette

golden blonde

The best way to break out of your boring shell is to add vibrant highlights to your hairstyle. Wide palette of vivid hues will give you an opportunity to experiment different bold images. The main idea of bold image is deep contrast between highlight color and the base tone. Vibrant hues like fiery red, pink, purple, orange and blue will create eye popping and bold image.