Army Haircut

Military Haircuts Ideas

When we say military hairstyle we mean short buzz cut hairstyle, however, there are several types of military haircut that you can opt for even if you are not in the military. The best thing about military haircut is that it is of low maintenance and need no effort to style.

Army Haircuts trends 2014

The popular variation of buzz cut hairstyle is high and tight. This is the best option to create charming and well groomed look, that’s why most celebrities go for high and tight haircut.

buzz haircut

Flat-top is very popular and trendy. In flat-top style the sides and the back are shaved, while the crown area is left a bit longer.

The above mentioned haircuts are few of the many military haircuts that you can opt for. Whether you are in the military or just a guy who looks for trendy and stylish haircut, you can wear buzz cut hairstyle to have attractive and neat look.